Author: Elsa Jade

Title: Barely Bear

Release Date: Aug 28th, 2018

Series: Wolves of Angels Rest: Montero Bears

Book Three

Barely Bear

Summer in Angels Rest is hotter than ever…

Destined to be rex ursi—king bear—of the Four Corners bears, Thorburn Montero always knew he would sacrifice everything to lead the clan: his independence, his chance for a mate, even his life if necessary.

Instead, he lost his bear.

Margarita Wick, the eldest of the Wick triplets, understands the bear-trap bite of responsibility better than most. For the sake of her little bear nephew, her sisters’ shapeshifter mates, and the circle of witches she’ll one day lead, she promises to help the massively imposing Thor recapture his beast.

As the high summer sun burns across Mesa Diablo, two lonely souls hunt for a runaway bear spirit…and maybe find a power even greater and more dangerous: love.