Author: Emma Alisyn

Title: Dragon Bewitched

Release Date: May 22, 2018

Series: Clan Dragons

Dragon Bewitched

A single mom on the run from a warlock. A dragon with a jewel to find his mate.

Fleeing a forced arranged marriage didn’t really endear Jezamine to her coven, but she’d rather raise her son in hiding then let her family heirloom fall into her ex-husband’s selfish hands. When the shock of her life rears its ugly head and waves a baby rattle at her, Jezamine realizes everything must change. Now she has no choice—the time for running is over. She must take a stand.

That stand includes a sexy, testy, rich as hell dragon who pretends to be harmless, but has his glowing green eyes set on her, and claws that just refuse to let go.

Jezamine shows up on Donato’s doorstep at the worst possible time, a witch with mysterious eyes and a hidden temper. A witch who makes the enspelled jewel around his neck burst into life—for the first time in all the centuries he’s worn it. Of course she comes with trouble, what female doesn’t? But Trouble is going to have to get past fang and flame before it gets to the female that belongs to him.

No dragon worth his wings would allow anyone to harm his mate, and Donato isn’t going to be the first.

Dragon Bewitched is a paranormal dragon shifter. Part of the Shifters in Love Fun & Flirty line, it is a light hearted romp with a little extra snap. Steamy, fast paced and featuring a group of brothers each searching for their fated mate. This Felicity Falls mini series begins with Jezamine and Donato’s story. For readers who enjoy Harlequin esque HEA shifter romances.

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