Author: Isadora Montrose

Title: Adored by a Dragon

Release Date: August 03, 2018

Series: Mystic Bay Series (Book Four)

Adored by a Dragon

“Can Mystic Bay save a shipwrecked marriage? What happens if love isn’t enough?

BBW fairy and dragoness Angie Lindorm adores her dragon husband. Alpha male Admiral Daniel Lindorm loves his luscious bride. But sculptress Angie is weary of waiting for her naval officer to return from his missions.

When Dragon Lord Daniel discovers that his wife has left him, he gives chase. But Angie has taken refuge far from their home in Stockholm. She’s making a new life for herself and her unborn baby in magical Mystic Bay.

Mystic Bay is the only town on the tiny island of West Haven in the Strait of San Juan. A sanctuary for people with paranormal talents of all stripes, this community of sensitives feels like home to curvy, pregnant Angie. There’s the Tidewater Artist’s Colony to provide kindred spirits. Orphaned Angie also finds family living on the island.

Lord Daniel Lindorm is content with his adventurous life in Special Operations and the Swedish Royal Navy, interspersed with passionate reunions with Angie. He’s determined to win his runaway wife back — on his terms. Angie is equally determined never to be taken for granted ever again. Will Daniel’s desire for a second chance run aground, or will he find a way to give them both what they crave?

Passion burns hot between these Daniel and Angie. And there is plenty of sensual magic to go around. Can the transcendental bond between these two fated mates heal the mistakes of the past?

At first, Mystic Bay seems like a backwater to this aristocratic European dragon, but gradually Daniel succumbs to the allure of this small town where the paranormal is normal. But Mystic Bay remains suspicious of predatory shifters after a rampaging grizzly decimated its population in the 19th century. Is there room in this community for another pair of dragons?

The good folks of Mystic Bay are as well-meaning as ever. Angie and Daniel are helped every step of the way by matchmakers Robin Fairchild and Skipper Sully Sullivan.

Daniel Lindorm is a member of the wealthy House of Lindorm from Isadora’s Lords of the Dragon Islands series. He is every bit as handsome, courageous, noble, and imperious as any of his cousins. His fairy turned dragoness has her work cut out to clip this dragon’s wings.

You will cheer her on as she uses every wile in a full spell box to save her marriage and forge a family with her dragon lord.”