Author: Isadora Montrose

Title: Fated for the Phoenix

Release Date: Sept 18, 2018

Series: Mystic Bay Series (Book Five)

Fated for the Phoenix

Samantha: I am a unicorn, a sedate, reserved healer. What brain glitch made me think a fierce, warlike phoenix was my soul mate?

Rafael: Curvy Samantha may have run from me, but she will always be mine. How can I persuade a high-strung unicorn to fulfill her destiny as my mighty phoenix bride?

A betrayed unicorn. An amnesiac phoenix with PTSD. Their high-spirited, mischievous love child. A magical island where the paranormal is normal.

Can Mystic Bay transform these fated mates into a happy family? Gentle BBW unicorn Samantha must find the fortitude to forgive her fierce lover. Alpha male phoenix shifter Rafael must open his shattered heart to love.

Good thing it’s never too late for love in enchanted Mystic Bay. Join matchmakers Robin and Sully in another feel-good romantic romp as they snare these two in a love trap.

Never forget: A match made in West Haven is a match made in heaven.