Author: Olivia Arran

Title: Challenged by the Bear

Release Date: October 29, 2018

Series: Bluebell Creek (Book Two)

Challenged by the Bear

Magdalena Bennett might be new to the town of Bluebell Creek, but she’s not new to dealing with infuriating men. Always careful to guard her heart, she’s had years of experience avoiding commitment, but something about a certain grumpy bear shifter has her questioning her resolve.

Ex-military bear shifter Ronan Quinn is an expert at keeping people at arm’s length—even his family. Determined to shield those he loves from the past that haunts him, he’s resigned himself to a life alone. It’s better that way. He’s broken and there’s no fixing him.

But then Fate presents him with his fated mate. She’s smart and funny, gorgeous and feisty. To make her even more perfect, she’s also stubborn and opinionated, exactly the kind of woman he’d always dreamed of.

He can’t stay away from her, but he can’t let her get inside his head. His walls are there for a reason.

Welcome to Bluebell Creek, home to three bear shifter brothers and their quirky Aunt Tabby (who has never seen a teddy bear she doesn’t want, has a dirty mind that has the Quinn brothers covering their ears, and is determined her nephews are going to find true love and give her lots of grand-aunt-babies).