Author: V. Vaughn

Title: I Knew Bear Were Trouble

Release Date: July 24, 2018

Series: Bewitched by the Bear

Book Five

I Knew Bear Were Trouble

Five years ago, Elise left Maine and the taboo love of her life with a plan to return the next summer. But when she got back to college for her final year, she discovered she discovered she returned with more than memories. She was pregnant with a werebear’s children. In a world where werebear are not welcome, Elise learned to use her magic to keep the bear side of her twin girls hidden, but her luck was being tested.

In desperation to keep her children safe she returns to Maine, and her great aunt, the clan’s medicine woman, with the hope of a solution. While Elise is willing to make sacrifices for her girls, one comes at a cost she’s not prepared to pay—telling Ian what she’s done. Seeing the father of her children again makes the strong connection of their love come rushing back, and suddenly she’s paralyzed with fear. Because once he finds out the truth, she may lose him forever.