Who cares if it’s cold outside? Curl up with this collection of hot shifters, sure to warm up the coldest winter nights! Spend this holiday season in the company of wolves and bears—And let’s not forget those super HOT dragons!
There’s something for everyone in this wonderful collection, from your favorite from NY Times and USA Today bestselling paranormal romance authors. Guaranteed to steam up these Happy Howling Holidays!

Books Included In Happy Howlidays

Snowed in With the Bear – Isadora Montrose – Billionaire black bear tempts curvy grizzly. Is their sniping and snapping a cover for forbidden passion? Will a Christmas Eve blizzard turn BBW widow Amanda and playboy Calvin’s lust into a forever love?

Dreaming of a Wolf Christmas – Elsa Jade – Bitten and changed—betrayed—by her high school sweetheart, Solange has spent the last twenty years denying her wolf…and her love. Now her grandchildren are celebrating their first Christmas, and her mate has returned to the little town of Angels Rest. Can the sweetness of the season melt away an old bitterness at last?

Hoarding Christmas – Becca Fanning – Bah, humbug! This capitalist Dragon Shifter knew what mattered during the holiday season: profits! That’s why his eye fell upon the charming little knickknack store and the prime piece of real-estate it occupied. But just as he fantasized about the strip-mall he’d replace it with, he saw her…

Seducing Her Christmas Cowbear – Liv Brywood – All Jessica wants for Christmas is sexy cowboy bear shifter Toby. Unfortunately, he’s her new boss and totally off-limits. When his “bah, humbug” attitude threatens to ruin Christmas, she decides it’s time to play dirty. She knows exactly how to get him into the holiday spirit, but she’s about to get more than she bargained for under the mistletoe.

Guarding Her Dragon – Julia Mills – With six older sisters, two baby reindeer, and an evil Gnome of an auntie hellbent on world domination, Elsa’s got her hands full. It’s gonna take more than a little Elven magic and the love of her Dragon to make it to Christmas Eve, but this little Elf refuses to give up. She’s guarding her Dragon with all she’s got and finding out the best things in life come wrapped in glittering green scales.

Angel Kisses – Élianne Adams – Jenna hasn’t been home for Christmas in years. Life happened—actually, her asshole ex happened—but this year, she’s back if only to lick her wounds and salvage her pride. When an unfortunate Christmas tree incident reunites her with her high school crush, Dereck, the last thing she needs is a fling, much less a relationship. But the alpha wolf is too sexy for his own good, and she’s not sure she can resist or even if she wants to.

The Ocelot’s Surprise Present – Olivia Arran – Ocelot shifter Julie is happy hiding out, blissfully ignoring the law that says she has to move to one of those new shifter towns. Her best friend is about to have a baby and Christmas is just around the corner. When a sexy wolf shifter shows up on her doorstep and informs her that they’re fated mates, she’s not sure if she should run from this unexpected Christmas present … or start unwrapping him.

Little Puma’s Christmas Adventure- Scarlett Grove – Tired of waiting for a mate, Puma shifter Stephanie takes a Christmas cruise to the Caribbean. Working for a covert squadron, grizzly shifter Max hopes he can make up for his past. When disaster strikes it leaves both shifters stranded on a tropical island and interrupts Max’s mission to change everything for the shell shocked shifter. Can he save the girl, save the day, and learn to let himself be loved?

The Reindeer Shifter’s Christmas Gift – J.K. Harper – Bear shifter Wyatt and reindeer shifter Brynna have lots of history. Their youthful dreams were dashed years ago when Wyatt left town, but now he’s come home for good. Can a sexy, possessive bruin and a stubborn, holiday-hating reindeer heal their busted hearts just in time to make some mistletoe magic that will last forever?

Second Chance Xmas – Jacqueline Sweet – The Bearfield tree lighting ceremony is a chance for shifters to meet their true mates, but for Krista Foster it’s a chance to reconnect with the wolf who broke her heart.

A Cougar Christmas – V. Vaughn – Werecougar Holly needs a Christmas miracle in the form of a true mate. And Luke is it. But he’s a werebear in a town full of prejudice and now Holly has to make a choice.